The Lotus Mod by Artisan Mods

The Lotus Mod by Artisan Mods

The Lotus Mod by Artisan Mods is a component of this Artisan brand name created away from Richard Knopik’s search for a healthy substitute for smoking even as we all can relate genuinely to. Provided an ego by their uncle the very first time, Richard felt want it ended up being a little bit of a hassle to help keep screwing the battery on the recharging lead and achieving to attend for this to charge. At that moment he took it upon himself to seize a 3.7v battery pack, a block of walnut, an easy push button and a 510 fitting (extracted from an ego stick) and created a simple field mod. Quickly he could obtain with a regulated mod after he incorporated DNA chips into his mod and found out the difference in the quality of vape. The remainder is history into the generating.

By trade Richard is really a bespoke jeweler and master pattern manufacturer. He additionally picked within the art of Japanese Netsuke as you go along (little carvings that are intricate materials such as for example lumber, ivory, steel, ceramics etc). These trades are obviously observed in every single mod he produces.

You will find four requirements that Richard strives to realize whenever creating a mod. First being function; does it work very well? Second is shape and size; can it be ergonomically proper and comfortable to put up? Third is finish; it should have the feel and look of luxury. Last but most certainly not least, does it move you to smile when you choose it up? Lots of mods through the top modders have actually come through my arms and also to say I’m impressed together with his work could be an understatement. [详细]

Atmos RX Complete Kit Waxy Vaporizer Dry Herb Vaporizer Fluid Vaporizer

Atmos RX Complete Kit Waxy Vaporizer Dry Herb Vaporizer Fluid Vaporizer

The Atmos Complete is just a 3 in 1 Vaporizer package this is certainly perfect for dry natural herbs, waxy oils, and E-liquids. Its lightweight, portable, effortlessly kept in your bag or pocket, is windproof for outdoor usage, and fees conveniently by way of a USB slot. The Atmos Complete could be the complete way to your entire vaporizer requirements.

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Size: h 5.610 in, d 0.55 in Developed and created by Atmos country. ( Patent Protected )

This product is sold with A free that is free gift! 1 x Vaporizer Silicon Holder Pink 2 x Atmos Complete fluid Cartridge Smoke solitary 1 x AtmosRx Dry Herb Glass Screen solitary 1 x Atmos Optimus Cartridge Pink

This Kit Includes: 1 – Ceramic Heating Chamber ( Patent Protected Heating Coil ) 1 – Liquid Cartridge 1 – Ceramic Filter1 – Glass Filter 1 – Chamber Connector 1 – Mesh Filter + Spring 1 – Rubber Mouthpiece 1 – Lithium-ion Battery ( Patent Protected Spring Loaded Connection ) 1 – Cleaning Brush 1 – Packing Tool 1 – USB Charger


Chuck Purcell – 10/07/2019

It was found by me very good with a wax however for dry herb which is the reason why i desired it in the first place, it had been low on my list. We attempted to make use of it with all the glass screen and only finished the procedure as soon as. Without glass display screen and it also appears you would find yourself burning the herb. [详细]