DynEd® Chinese Partners TOEIC® Results Recognized in ETS 2012 College Student Workplace English Efficiency Ranking

DynEd® Announces the Development of its Award-winning English Language Learning Solutions with ASR on the Android® Platform

Announcement will extend the use of mobile English learning with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to the world’s fastest growing mobile platform by Q4

Burlingame, CA-February 22, 2013-DynEd International, Inc., a global leader in the English language learning solutions market, announces the development of its award-winning applications with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) on the Android mobile platform. With this release, DynEd will bring the first mobile English solution with integrated ASR technology to the world’s fastest growing mobile platform.

“We are pleased to announce the Android tablet and smartphone release of our professional English learning content with ASR,” said Ian Adam, DynEd CEO. “With this announcement, and our continued success in the iOS market, we anticipate by 2014 more of our students will be learning English with DynEd using mobile devices than on personal computers.”

The deployment of English language learning solutions on the Android platform was instrumental in DynEd securing a significant expansion of its relationship with the Turkish Ministry of National Education (MONE). Under the new agreement, MONE will extend the deployment of DynEd English solutions in the Turkish public school system from the existing grades 4 through 8 to include grades 9 to 12. The project will increase the number of DynEd active users from 9 million to over 13 million by 2015, maintaining DynEd’s leadership in English learning solutions for information and communications technologies.

DynEd was first to pioneer the effective use of speech recognition in English language learning in the 1990s. DynEd migrated its ASR enhanced lessons to utilize Acapela Group’s technology for Windows® in 2006 after the two companies collaborated on the development of ASR for MacOS®. In 2011, the collaboration continued with the deployment of the DynEd English language learning solutions on the Apple iOS platform for the iPad and iPhone; becoming the first mobile learning application with integrated ASR.

“We are very pleased to voice enable DynEd’s award-winning language learning solutions. iOS and Android platforms allow developers to design new learning programs such as the one used by MONE, providing greater access to everyone with affordable and powerful educational solutions, where speech solutions play an essential role.” says Lars-Erik Larsson, Acapela CEO.

DynEd® Mobile English Attracts Attention of Emerging Nations at UNESCO Mobile Learning Week

DynEd® launches a new model for mobile English learning

Paris, France—February 22, 2013—DynEd International, Inc. unveiled a new series of courseware for mobile users at the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week. DynEd Mobile English is a series of short English lessons delivered as a combination of daily audio and SMS text messages to any mobile phone. The unique feature of this series is the text files, branded Teach2Learn™, that enhance learning with guided practice steps. The 184 lessons start with general English and progressing to academic English using core curriculum subjects such as geography and mathematics to teach English, a unique area of strength for DynEd. Students listen to the audio and, with the Teach2Learn content and teacher guidance, practice teaching each other to speak English up to an A2 English level.

“The response from African government representatives was very positive,” said Ian Adam, DynEd’s CEO who attended the conference, “with many participants expressing strong interest in exploring ways to establish a Teach2Learn program in their countries where mobile technology is becoming ubiquitous yet computers remain a scarce resource.” DynEd also spoke with foundation representatives in attendance and is exploring funding scenarios for these emerging nations. The Mobile English/Teach2Learn content complements DynEd’s Pro line of courses currently used by almost 10 million English learners annually. DynEd Pro, which is supported on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, is delivered using a blended-learning model of independent study using technology, enhanced by carefully developed classroom instruction. The Mobile English course integrates smoothly with this advanced delivery model, providing teachers new content that can be used as homework assignments. Teach2Learn brings learning home by giving students tools they can use to support the development of English speaking skills for their families and friends.

Turkey Renews & Expands DynEd Contract

Turkey Ministry of National Education expands DynEd® adoption nationally

13 million public school students in grades 4 – 12 to use DynEd as their core English language learning curriculum.

Burlingame, CA—February 1, 2013—FuturePrints A.S. (exclusive distributor for DynEd in Turkey) announced that the Turkish Ministry of National Education (MONE) has renewed its contract to use DynEd as the core English curriculum in all Turkish public schools in grades 4 – 12. By the time the contract is fully implemented in 2015, over 13 million public school students across Turkey will be studying English with DynEd.